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what do you do when your husband decides to say he isnt ready for a baby

After I’m already 7 weeks gone and had years of infertility surgery and treatments.

I mean.. I can’t breathe.. I can’t think.. I don’t

know what to do.

the worst part is he said when I asked why didn’t he say anything before we even got to this point and he said “I didn’t want to let you down, I could have waited”

everything I thought I knew feels like a lie. I don’t know what to do.

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1 year ago

Haven’t posted in awhile, just wasn’t my cup of tea

However, just thought I’d hop back for a little update.

I’ve got my first potential BFP :)

I only say potential because it was from a home test and it isn’t confirmed by the doctor as of yet. Just so you ladies know, if there is hope there is a way. I know a lot of women wait a lot longer than I have, but it has been a very very hard, emotional and long 3 years for us. I firmly believe if this is a full fledged BFP that it’s all due to the ovarian drilling/tubal dye (and unclogging) surgery I had in May.

Don’t lose hope <3

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Meet our brand new big sister kissing her newborn brother. Doesn’t this just make your heart smile? 
T&amp;T Photography
Photo by Tonya Palumbo
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Peta Mazey Photography
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(by Tami Tripp Photography)
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He’s pretty cute.

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